About CarDriveLog App

Electronic drivingbook for home and business
  • User-friendly
  • Minimize your miscalculations
  • Including Offline-synchronization

CarDriveLog App is the newest electronic driver’s log for smartphones.

With our electronic drivingbook you can get a user-friendly and efficient handling of all your driving accounts. CarDriveLog App is your gateway to an efficient and precise fleet management, with its own billing module administration that will save you and your company several hours of work per week.

All information is just a click away and it is always being updated and synchronized. You can now get one drivingbook that meets the requirements of IR, and most of your demands.

If you have a paid mileage allowance, you must therefore document the distribution between private and business motoring. The same goes for your company car, if you are having carrot or parrot plates, then this drivingbook delivers a report that meets the IR’s requirements.

  • User friendly and efficient
  • GPS-guided smart phone app
  • A few clicks to create an overview
  • Automatic calculations
  • Proper documentation to SKAT /TAX OFFICE
  • Usable in all situations